2019 & 2020 Ford Features

Ford Ecoboost Engine

  • EcoBoost fuel economy engine
  • Up to 30% better fuel efficiency

Light Curve Headlights

  • Adaptive front lighting systems
  • Light beams automatically curve to steer around corners

Motion Sensor Park Assist

  • Parallel Parking “Active Park Assist”
  • Auto-steering with motion sensors
  • Automatically steers into parking spots

Start & Stop Feature

  • Engine stops when car is idle
  • Quiet stop and go saves on gas


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Why You Should Lease a Ford:

Leasing A Ford is a very smart decision considering the following facts. When you lease a Ford, you pay only a portion of the vehicle's cost. Since you are only paying for the Ford while you lease it, payments are 30% - 60% less. In most cases you have the option of not making a down payment, and you only pay taxes on your monthly payments. Your first payment will be due at the time you sign your contract.

A Ford Lease payment is made up of two parts; the finance charge and the depreciation charge. The finance charge is the interest on the money the Ford dealership has tied up in your New Ford while you are driving it. You repay part of the money in your monthly payments, and repay the remainder when you either buy or return the vehicle when the lease term ends.

If you want to drive a new Ford at the best possible payment, leasing is the way to go.

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