Low Maintenance Award

  • Hyundai is the winner of the annual Kelley Blue Book 5-Year Cost-to-Own Awards

7” Built-In Touch Display

  • Apple CarPlay™ & Android Auto™ connection to iPhone & Android allows wireless voice control for calling, directions and music.

Smart/Adaptive Cruise Control

  • Cruise control system that automatically adjusts it’s speed and keeps a safe distance from the car ahead of you while you are behind them.
  • Awesome in stop-and-go traffic where cars speed up and slow down quickly.

Automatic Emergency Braking

  • Uses a camera and radar sensor to scan for vehicles and pedestrians and intelligently brakes for pedestrians.

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Understanding How Leasing A Hyundai Works

The average lease payment for a vehicle should generally be about 15% or less than your monthly income and to lease a Hyundai it usually requires a lower down payment and lower monthly costs than buying. Leasing a Hyundai is less stressful and often a smarter option, especially if you are a working professional or a student who needs daily reliable transportation and don’t want to have to worry as much about maintenance or mechanical issues.

Benefits Of Leasing A Hyundai

The average Hyundai lease is about $105 less per month than a loan, the down payment is usually 0% or lower and far less hassle when it comes time to trade it in. Leasing a Hyundai usually requires less sales tax at signing than purchasing one and maintenance costs are either lower or 0%. The average 2016 or 2017 Hyundai lease contract is 3 years, which means you get a new Hyundai or other vehicle of your choice every 3-4 years.

Connecting Hyundai Lovers with Local Hyundai Dealers

We connect people who are interested in leasing Hyundai brand vehicles with pre-selected local dealerships that adhere to a certain set of above-average standards and guidelines for leasing automobiles.

Blind Spot Detection | Heated Rear & Front Seats | Seat/Mirror Memory | $0 Deposit | 100% Accepted

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