360 Surround View System

  • 4 cameras provide a panoramic 360 surround view. Ultimate security & safety. Panoramic sunroof also available.

Smartphone Seamless Sync

  • New UVO infotainment system. Seamless connectivity via Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

8" Large Touchscreen Tech

  • Larger 8" Touch/Voice/Map dashboard control screen system. Outstanding voice command & recognition.

Luxury Without The Cost

  • Kia is changing the industry by combining the best technology, beautiful exterior and a roomy, luxurious interior.


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How Leasing a Kia Works

The average lease payment for new Kia should generally be about 15% or less than your monthly income and the average Kia lease costs about $105 less than a loan. The down payment to lease a Kia can be as low as 0% and there is less hassle when it comes time to trade it in. Leasing usually requires lower tax payments and come with better maintenance coverage.

Benefits & Features Of Leasing A Kia

Thinking about leasing a Kia? New Kia vehicles are equipped with steering that automatically guides the car into parallel parking spaces, brakes automatically when it knows it's about to hit an object or person and follows the cars ahead of it with intelligent cruise control, which is amazing in stop-and-go traffic. Kia's have some of the best and latest technology, beautiful interiors that have real leg and headroom with beautiful exterior designs.

Connecting Kia Lovers with Local Kia Dealers

We connect people who are interested in leasing Kia brand vehicles with pre-selected local Kia dealerships that adhere to a certain set of above-average standards and guidelines for leasing automobiles.

The New Kia Lineup